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Carpolo for communities

Carpolo is a smart carpooling platform with a gamified points reward system and analytics tools to promote carpooling for communities.

Carpolo analytics tool
Customized Marketplace

Carpolo allows its institutional clients to choose the rewards for their own carpoolers. Such rewards are redeemed via Carpolo App or Voucher.

Insightful Analytics

Analytics are used to increase the % of Carpoolers in the institution. Carpolo Analytics also monitors the CO2 emissions saved, thus contributing to the Carbon Footprint.

Points Reward System

Rewards on our platform will be available per corporate. Points are measured based on rating, green distances travelled and the frequency of carpools completed.

Why carpool

Carpooling isn't just a way to help you or someone else to get to their destination. You'd be contributing to benefit more than one realm

  • Environmental

    Reduce CO2 emissions


    Decreased parking and fuel cost

  • Institution citizenship

    Emphasize your institution's social responsibility


Customized dashboard to add personalized rewards, set custom points weight, free maintenance




  • Carpool for free
  • Collect Carpolo points
  • No hidden cost/No ads


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One time setup fee

  • Adopt Carpolo at your institute
  • Maintenance at no cost
  • Monthly subscription fee

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