Student Brand Ambassador

Program Overview

The Student Brand Ambassador (SBA) internship provides participants with real-life work experience. The role of the SBA will be to market and promote Carpolo’s sustainable brand, on their college or university campus. This position will be based on your university campus and occasionally at Beirut Digital District (BDD). Carpolo will provide guidance, support and mentorship both in person and via phone/email. The term of the internship is for one semester. At the end of a completed term, Carpolo will provide a reward to all participants, a certificate of achievement, and a letter of recommendation. For continuing students, there will be an option to elect to extend their internship for an additional term if mutually agreed upon by the student and their supervisor.

Hiring and Work Term:

The SBA internship is available during the Fall and Spring semesters. Work schedule will be flexible depending upon the student’s school schedule and designated goals to be determined.

Orientation and Training:

Orientation at BDD

During training and orientation, the intern will receive training to include the following information:

  • Introduction to Carpolo – who we are.
  • Introduction to your local Carpolo resource – the Business Representatives.
  • Introduction to the technical team.
  • Review goals and expectations, your role and our role.
  • Review end of term completion and evaluation
Onsite, On-the-Job Training

The SBA will receive practical marketing experience through the effective execution of the SBA’s objectives, role and responsibilities.

The SBA will have ongoing guidance and mentorship from the Carpolo’s managing team to ensure the education and professional development of the student.

SBA's Objective
  • Build brand buzz on college campus.
  • Build sales by driving trial for new users and increasing frequency of posts/scheduling/requests for existing users.
  • Influence students; target trend setters
SBA's Role
  • Be knowledgeable about the community, upcoming events and organized groups on campus.
  • Willing to strike up a conversation with anyone and talk about Carpolo.
  • Be outgoing, energetic, well-spoken, represent the brand well, and have a genuine interest in sustainability and social responsibility.
  • Coordinate & implement grassroots marketing with organized groups and campus events.
SBA's Tasks
  • Become a link between students and Carpolo.
  • Create and maintain a current list (social media or otherwise) of student contacts with a continual focus on increasing the list.
  • Invite customers to Carpolo promotions.
  • Find events to participate in and work on site at the event.
SBA Tactics/Toolbox
  • Campus events.
  • Social Media.
  • Student clubs related to Carpolo’s cause.
SBA's Responsibilities
  • Create a marketing plan and calendar for the SBAs designated campus.
  • Coordinate and facilitate all aspects the agreed upon marketing plan on campus.
  • Provide a weekly status report to the Carpolo Manager outlining all communication and outreach activities as well as progress on identified goals and opportunities.